Elijah and Oscar!

The adventures of two extraordinary fellows

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The Cousins Kobin

We love us some Sue and Dan!

At the Museum of Natural History

We had a big day in the city. First we took the train to the city. We saw the conductor and boats on the river and lots of tll buildings. Then we had hot dogs and went to the museum. What a fun day we had!

Elijah and Marco

Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms

Well--Oren, Geffen, and Elijah, but you get the picture.


Nico (not to mention Josh and Miyuki) came for the Thanksgiving-Hanukah continuum. Hooray!

Yvonne visits!

Elijah's much loved (by all) Yvonne came up for a visit with her Mom. We had a great time!

Scene from a Mall